Sheffield chess goes on-line! - Start date: April 1st 2020

Play other Sheffield players in a Swiss tournament. Oliver Brennan of Rotherham CC is starting a one-game-per week event next week (1st April) and entries from your Sheffield friends are piling in.

Oliver says: "I think some sort of online event is an excellent idea during this period. I'd be willing to run an online Swiss tournament at a rate of one game per week, if there's any interest from local players. I am particularly keen to get people into online play who might not have done so before. More info here:  "

The link will take you to a Rotherham CC page where you can see the current entry list and follow full instructions to get you started.

Winter League 2019-20 Results,Tables, Players, Grades (as shown on ECF website) 

Division 1 (Davy)

Division 2 (Weston)

Division 3 (Batley-Meek)

Division 4 (Athenaeum)

400 League

Richardson Cup (All rounds) current round draw is at the bottom of the list

Richardson Plate (All rounds) current round draw is at the bottom of the list

Sheffield Individual Tournament

Players and Grades (A player acquires an ECF grade after 5 recent games)

AGM and Fixture Meetings: Minutes

AGM minutes Sept 2019.docx

Fixture Meeting minutes 2019.docx

All proposals to the AGM were passed. They included changes which allow the formats and organisation of both the Individual Tournament and future Summer Leagues to be more flexible. The 400-league has also acquired proper written rules.

The Fixture Meeting minutes include the Draw for the 1st and 2nd Rounds of the Richardson Cup, as well as lists of initially-registered players.

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