Richardson Cup  fixtures were re-drawn on 26th Sept (after being erroneously drawn at the Fixture Meeting). Round 1 Pairings and dates are here.

The Bruce is Spruce!

The Bruce Trophy (to be awarded to the winner of the Sheffield Individual Competition: Chris Shephard) has been restored to it's former glory. Geoff Frost (who took the photo) says: "Repaired and polished. My friend says it is magnificent. Hallmark 1919 in London. He has just explained all the intricacies."

Aughton Venue Disaster

On Tuesday 31st May Swallownest Miners Welfare suffered a roof fire to which a number of fire engines were called. Most of us have played many chess matches at the Aughton CC venue and the picture shows that the fire was centred very close to the room the club uses. (The door on the right in the picture).

Aughton Chess Club are still (20th Sept) unable to gain access to the match playing area and their equipment, probably for safety reasons. Repair work will take some considerable time yet.

Aughton's Winter League teams are playing all their first meetings with opponents as Away fixtures, hoping that by the mid-point their problems will be solved one way or another, preferably by returning to Swallownest Miners' Welfare Club.

T. W. Crabb Shield Rapidplay: Tournament Report and Results

From Steve Mann: The 2016 Crabb Shield, played at the Red Lion on Saturday 4th June 2016, attracted 26 entrants. First place was shared by Mark Allison and Deji Jeje with 5 points out of 6. Although Mark lost to Deji in their individual game, Deji went on to concede two draws to Geoff Brown and Gary Hinchcliffe. Two book prize were donated as junior prizes by Chris Willey. One player had a half-point bye in round 1, and Chris Willey filled in round 1.


Mark Allison              Woodseats:      (5 points/6)   1st to 2nd     = £12.50
Deji Jeje                    Sheffield Nomads:       (5)     1st to 2nd     = £12.50
Szilard Tamas           Darnall & Handsworth (4½)    3rd to 4th    = £2.50
Aram Ter-Gevorkian  Darnall & Handsworth (4½)    3rd to 4th    = £2.50
Geoff Brown              Darnall & Handsworth (4)    grading prize  = £5
Steve Withington       Sheffield Nomads       (3)    grading prize  = £5
Sammy Benzaira       SASCA & RJ              (2)     Junior 1         = book
Jay Ryalls                  SASCA & RJ             (1½)   Junior 2         =  book

The Sheffield Individual Tournament

(Final) Round 6 completed 15th May.
Outright winner (Bruce Trophy):Chris Shephard (5/6)
Highest Non-Seeded player (Holroyd Trophy): Bill Egan (4/6)
Highest 3rd-category player (Shapero Trophy): Steve Withington (2.5/6)

Latest details

Hope Valley Trophy 5-minute Tournament - Report by John Fryer

This was held at the Red Lion on 23rd May by kind permission of Bill Ward and Woodseats Chess Club who lent us some of their equipment. Bill also arranged for refreshments to be on hand but did not let on who paid for these!

Twenty participants came, and we had the usual seven rounds, the top four scorers going on to a semi-final/final play off in which J Arnott lost to D Adams after a draw, and F Ai lost to D Jeje. After this J Arnott beat F Ai to take 3rd place while D Jeje beat D Adams, again after a draw, so:

                • Winner: D Jeje
                • 2nd: D Adams
                • 3rd: J Arnott
                • 4th: F Ai
C Willey and N Kanellis shared a small grading prize* while S Benzaira took the Junior prize.

John Fryer would like to thank everybody for their contributions to a pleasant and exciting evening.
* As these two had to leave early they will receive these at the Crabb Shield event coming up on 4th June, again at the Red Lion.

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