Minutes of Sheffield & District Chess Association: Fixture Meeting Monday, 21st September 2015 at The Red Lion, 653 London Road, Sheffield S2 4HT, and resulting fixtures. 

1. Apologies for absence: none; Andrew Hards had passed on that he’d be a bit late taking children to the doctor.

2. Minutes of the 2014 Fixture Meeting. None; gen sec hadn’t been there. It was agreed that nothing controversial had been raised.

3. Matters arising. None. 

4. Registration of players for the 2015/16 season under rules 17(a,b):Aughton A: J Barker, K Marshall, D WatsonBarnsley: A - A Butterworth, G Hinchliffe, A Pogson, M Sheard. B: K Hunter, P Micklethwaite, N ToddChesterfield: A - M Alcock, DM Howard, M Johnson, D Latham. B – S Housley, A Mort, G PetersClay Cross: A Natt, D Hartley, P Williams.Darnall: G Brown, J Gallagher, R WoodfordEcclesall: A: D Adams, F Ai, J Burnett, P Hempson. B: A McIntosh, K McIntosh, N Wragg.C: P Ellis, G Mallon, K Norbury.Rotherham: A: JP Ballard, S Mann, C Williams.SASCA/RJ: A: J Arnott, R Burgin, O Hackner, D Jeje, P Shaw. B: M Edwards-Wright, S Gibbs, T Wills. C: A Coupe, N Holroyd-Doveton, J Ward. D: J Fryer, I Hemingway, S Lee.Sheffield Nomads: A: A Hards, S Milson, J Nelson, C Shephard. B: I Barwick, P Cumbers, J Hamm, D Sullivan. C: John Woollard, H Withington, S Withington.Stannington: A: G Fletcher, P Fletcher, K Morton, K Muflehi. B: M Grimsley, D Grobler, J Mercy.University: not present.Woodseats: M Allison, A Ledger, A Potts, J Trafford.Worksop: A: J Davis, O Graham, P Griffiths. B: J Allen, P Beckett, A Fidler.

5. Draw for the First and Second Rounds of the Richardson Cup.As follows. First named team, in all pairings, will be at home.

Stannington 1 v Woodseats 1, winners have second round bye.

Nomads 2 v Wombwell, winners have a bye.

Clay Cross v Ravenfield, winners at home v winners of Nomads 3 v Chesterfield 2

Aughton v Ecclesall 2, winners have a bye.

Darnall & Handsworth v Chesterfield 1, winners at home v winners of Barnsley 1 v Barnsley 2

Ecclesall 1 v University, winners have a bye.

Worksop 1 v Rotherham, winners at home v winners of SASCA / RJ 1 v Ecclesall 3.

Nomads 1 v SASCA / RJ 2, winners have a bye.

Matches to be played: First round week starting Monday 12th October; Second round, week starting Monday 9th November.

7. Distribution of Fixtures for the 2015/16 season: see Chessnuts via S&DCA website. These incorporate changes made on the night and reported to the secretary.

Any further changes should be agreed by both sides and reported to the divisional secretaries (Phill Beckett 1 and 4, Steve Bracey 2, Tony Perry 3 and 5)

8. Announcements by Officials and Secretaries.

a) if Chessnuts don’t report which colour players had in a game, this will be because it was not reported to the divisional secretaries when the match report was sent in.

b) Please send updates on your club details, e.g. match nights, captains, to Brian Lever for the website.

9. Any Other Business. None. Formal part of the meeting closed 9 15 pm; discussions as to possible fixture rearrangements continued.

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