The 400 League

A proposal to have a limited grade league was passed at the 2015 AGM. Any club who wants to enter a team should contact either Steve Bracey ( or Pete Willoughby ( giving details of the team name and captain.

The official closing date for entries into the 400 league will be 31st October but we would like anyone interested to make their entry at the fixture meeting if possible.

Please note this is in addition to the normal Sheffield league so a player can play for different clubs in the existing Sheffield league and the new 400 league. Any individual interested in playing whose club is not entering a team should contact Steve Bracey or Pete Willoughby directly. We will try to pair these players with entered teams. Details of how the league is to be organised are shown below. 


The aim of this competition is to provide more opportunities for lower graded players to play chess.

Normal Evening League rules will apply except as follows:

a) Teams shall comprise four boards, with grades totalling a maximum of 400 with no player to be graded over 120. 
The minimum individual grade is 80. (Players below 80 can play, but count as 80 towards the team total).
Ungraded players are counted as having a grade of 80, unless there are reasonable grounds for using a higher figure.
Defaulted boards are counted as 80 towards the team total

b) The grade in use shall be the July YCA Grade published in the Yorkshire Handbook prior to the season of the competition. This shall be used throughout the season.

c) The 400 League is expected to consist of one division with each team playing two matches (home and away) with each other team.

d) If the 400 League exceeds 9 teams they shall be split into two (or more) divisions either geographically or otherwise as felt fit by the Executive (or the AGM).

e) If a division consists of less than six teams a second round of matches will be undertaken with each team playing four matches (two home and two away) with each other team.

f) A team shall consist of 4 boards.

g) Applications for election to the 400 League will normally be made at the AGM.

h) If a division comprises more than eight matches, the teams may by mutual consent agree to play one match for double points in place of home and away matches.

i) Once a player has represented a team in the 400 League s/he is ineligible to represent another team in the 400 League in the same season unless officially transferred by the Executive. A player may however represent one club in the 400 League and a different club in any other League/Competition run by SDCA.

If a team total of grades exceeds the defined limit, one point shall be deducted from the team score for each ten grading points (or part thereof) over the limit. If an ineligible player plays, his or her game is deemed to be lost and one additional point is deducted from the team score."

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