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AGM 2016: Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Sheffield & District Chess Association, held on Tuesday 6th September 2016 at The Red Lion, 653 London Road, Sheffield S2 4HT, 7.30pm .

Chair – President Mike Smith (to item 6); President Geoff Frost (from item 7); minutes Dave Latham.

In memoriam: Tribute was paid to our old friends and colleagues Phil Beckett and Stan Cooke.

1. Apologies for absence: John Mercy (holiday); Andrew Hards (recovering from pneumonia, best wishes to him); Barry Williams.

2. Minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting were approved nem con.

3. Matters arising: none, except that the minutes had it that Bill Ward would be out for a long while convalescing, but this had been predicted without reckoning for Bill’s powers of recovery.

4. Treasurer's Report. John couldn’t be with us but had given us accounts. Brought forward £1974; income £119, expenditure £27; current balance £2066. Obviously a stable situation and for this year John recommended fees stay the same, though he’d look again next year. There were still some transactions outstanding regarding Saturday matches.

5. Secretaries' Reports. Mostly on website or handed out in print on the night. In addition:

General secretary: Dave Latham thanked others, notably Steve Mann, for doing the real work. No disputes brought to general attention so thanks to all for either playing in the right spirit or sorting things out themselves; the executive hadn’t met in consequence. Nothing on our continued non-membership of the ECF. 

Richardson Cup: Phill Beckett flagged up the problems arising from the finalists not being able to make a date for the replay. He had not found any powers assigned to the secretary to help solve this one and hoped that a proposed amendment (7 below, which was passed) would help. We noted that, after Brian Lever’s addressing the issue, questions of player ineligibility were now much reduced. 

Div 2: Steve Bracey described a good hard fight, and said of Darnall (the winners) “what a revival that club had, a lesson to all as to how to get a club going again”.

400 league: Pete Willoughby reported an excellent start; the league had, as intended, provided opportunities for (currently) lower graded players to sharpen their teeth and the teams had been very nearly equal in strength.

Hope Valley: 20 turned out for a good event: Deji Jeje won ahead of Messrs Adams, Ai and Arnott. The under 140 prize was shared by Sammy Benzaira and Chris Willey.

Sheffield A: Jeremy Hamm reported a decent season, second and only pipped by York; the stand out match was probably one of the strongest matches Yorkshire has ever seen, as four International Masters turned out; the average grade of the 16 players was 210. 

Sheffield B: Alan McIntosh reported a brilliant bounce back into the Woodhouse. The final match saw a 6-2 win for our side, leaving York C a very difficult task of winning 8-0 to take the title. We will never know if they could have achieved this OTB as they got it when their opponents defaulted! One more to put down to “we wuz robbed”, but a cracking performance to mark Alan’s 20th and last year as cap’n. 

Sheffield C: sound result, 5th from 12. Sheffield D: Pete Willoughby thanked everyone who played; said the response had been fantastic; thanks to Steve Mann who’d turned out on board one, which maybe had helped people all the way down to board four to outperform their gradings. They won every match and so the Silver Rook trophy. 

6. Presentation of Trophies: thanks to Steve and others for a big effort which has located all the trophies bar one (do you have the Gurnhill?). They were all there on the night and in future, said Dave Latham, we’d be grateful if anyone leaving with one could sign for it; he’d learned the hard way that this idea of the Derbyshire CA and others has merit. To catch up, people could either take them tonight unengraved or we’d get the job and backlog done for the fixture meeting – which option all accepted. Trophies were presented by President Mike Smith as follows: Div 1 Davy to SASCA RJ; Div 2 Weston to Darnall & Handsworth; Div 3 Batley Meek – Stannington B; Div 4 Athenaeum – Nomads C; Div 5 Charles – Woodseats B. Richardson Cup – no winner yet. Plate, Sam Haystead Memorial – Woodseats. Summer League div 1 Woodhouse – SASCA RJ; div 2 Hodgett SASCA RJ B. div 3 Sheffield Deaf trophy – Worksop B. Individual: Class A Bruce – Chris Shephard; Class B Holroyd – Bill Egan; Class C Shapero – Steve Withington. Crabb Shield: Mark Allison and Deji Jeje. John Fryer was awarded the Hardcastle Shield by the YCA for services to Yorkshire chess. Jim Burnett spoke and made the presentation.

7. Election of Officers, Auditors, Archivist & Match Captains.

Mike Smith retires as President and was given our thanks for years of service. Geoff Frost took over as President, voted in nem con. Elected: President – Geoff Frost.

Vice Presidents - as before except Geoff drops out of the list - JL Coe, BH England, SJ Mann, KM Hogan, RS Hughes, A Perry, PG Swanson, PJ Beckett, JA Fryer, G Barnes, S Bessell, W Ward, GD Brown, CC Williams, J Hamm, M Brumby, A Hards, AS McIntosh, P Blackman.

Treasurer: John Mercy.

Gen Sec: Dave Latham.

Tournament Controller – Geoff Brown.

Div 1, 4 and Richardson/Haystead – Phill Beckett.

Div 2, 400 League – Steve Bracey.

Div 3, 5 – Tony Perry.

Summer League 1 2 & 3: Alan McIntosh.

Auditors: Geoff Brown, Steve Mann. 

Webmaster: Brian Lever, who commented that, while feedback had been positive (50 000 hits!) he would also be very glad to hear from anyone who had suggestions for improvement.

Bulletins, Archivist: Steve Mann. 

University Supervisor: as far as we know, still Mark Kirkham, though it may be that Fauzi Izudin is their main man now. 

Team Captains: A – Jeremy Hamm.

B – TBA. We need someone before the fixtures meeting if at all possible.

C – Barry Williams.

D – Pete Willoughby.

Postal – Phill Beckett. 

8. Election of Chairman of the Executive – Andrew Hards was re-elected in absentia and we hope he is OK with this expression of popular support.

9. Election of members of the Executive: Alan Coupe, Pete Swanson, Alan Taylor, Steve Mann. 

10. Fixing of fees and subscriptions. As before, except now £5 for Individual Membership. So: Club Membership £8; Team Entry, div 1 - £4; Team entry, lower divs - £3. Richardson Cup – free. Extra teams in the Richardson - £2. Match fees in Representative Matches: waged £5, but £3 for ECF members. unwaged (inc juniors) - £3 50, but £1 50 for ECF members. 

11. Proposed amendments to the Constitution & Rules Accepted under 11 “Proposed amendments”.

Proposal 1: From Mike Smith, ACCEPTED 19-4

Rule 14 currently reads: (b) All divisions of the League except possibly the lowest shall consist of nine teams, each of which shall play two matches (home and away) with each other team. (c) The lowest division of the League shall be arranged to accommodate the varying number of teams from year to year; and shall consist of a minimum of six teams, and a maximum of fourteen teams.

I propose those 2 paragraphs to read: (b) All divisions of the League except possibly the lowest shall consist of eight teams, each of which shall play two matches (home and away) with each other team. (c) The lowest division of the League shall be arranged to accommodate the varying number of teams from year to year; and shall consist of a minimum of five teams, and a maximum of thirteen teams.

Proposal 2: From Mike Smith, ACCEPTED nem con

5. THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than September 15th in each year. (b) The agenda shall include the following: (i) Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting. (ii) Financial statement. (iii) Election of Officers, Auditors, Archivist [added September 09] and Match Captains. (iv) Fixing of fees and subscriptions for the ensuing season. (v) Consideration for election of all teams applying for entry in the league. (vi) Proposed alterations to the Constitution or Rules. (vii) Election of four members of the Association to serve on the Executive for one year. (viii) Organisation of the teams into divisions. (ix) Any Other Business, covering minor items taken at the discretion of the Chair. (c) The Annual General Meeting shall be open to all members of the Association. (d) Nine voting members shall form a quorum. (e) The AGM may appoint sub-committees for special purposes, and may co-opt any member of the Association to serve on such sub-committees. 

Add (f): The Annual General Meeting will normally be chaired by the president.

Proposal 3: from Pete Locking rejected 4-14 

Replace rule 23(d) with the following: If two or more teams have equal points at the end of the season the one with the best board score should take precedence.

Proposal 4 : From Pete Willoughby, ACCEPTED 18 - 1.

Proposal 4(b): When it is not possible to establish eight teams in a division at the AGM the president shall use his discretion to allow a lower number for that season. effectively 14. ORGANISATION OF THE LEAGUE (b) Whenever possible all divisions of the League except possibly the lowest shall consist of eight teams, each of which shall play two matches (home and away) with each other team. When it is not possible to establish eight teams in a division at the AGM the president shall use his discretion to allow a lower number for that season. When less than eight teams are in a division at the end of the season, any team finishing lower than sixth place shall be relegated, positions being decided after play-off if necessary. This second proposal can be simplified to: 23. LEAGUE POINTS, PROMOTION AND RELEGATION (c) The teams finishing lower than sixth place in each division (other than lowest division) shall be relegated in the following season to the next lower division unless there is a vacancy in their present division, in which case they may be considered for re-election.

Proposal 5: From Brian Lever, 21st June 2016: vote was 12-10 in favour, but 2/3 majority was required The rule (currently numbered 14(e)) which states "In Divisions two, three and four of the League a team shall consist of six players." shall be changed to read: "In Divisions two and three of the League a team shall consist of six players." AND The rule (currently numbered 14(f)) and which states "In Divisions five and below of the League a team shall consist of a minimum of four players, but this may be increased, by mutual agreement, to either five players or a maximum of six players." shall be changed to read: ''In Divisions four and below of the League a team shall consist of a minimum of four players, but this may be increased, by mutual agreement, to either five players or a maximum of six players. For the purpose of the application of Rule 17(a), Division 4 will be regarded as a 6-board Division." 

Proposal 6: From Mike Smith - ACCEPTED 20 - 3. Rule 10 currently reads: 10. ALTERATIONS TO THE CONSTITUTION OR RULES (a) Any member may propose an alteration to the Constitution or Rules at the Annual General Meeting, provided that he or she gives notice of the proposed change to the General Secretary by 30th June before that Annual General Meeting. (b) A proposal for alteration of the Constitution or Rules shall, in order to be carried, require a majority of at least two thirds of the votes cast.

Propose: a new rule (b), with the present (b) being relabelled as (c). new (b) to read (b) In the event that a member makes more than three proposals to an AGM, it shall be at the discretion of the AGM whether to take more than the first three proposals received chronologically by the General Secretary from that member. Thus Rule 10 would read: 10. ALTERATIONS TO THE CONSTITUTION OR RULES (a) Any member may propose an alteration to the Constitution or Rules at the Annual General Meeting, provided that he or she gives notice of the proposed change to the General Secretary by 30th June before that Annual General Meeting. (b) In the event that a member makes more than three proposals to an AGM, it shall be at the discretion of the AGM whether to take more than the first three proposals received chronologically by the General Secretary from that member. (c) A proposal for alteration of the Constitution or Rules shall, in order to be carried, require a majority of at least two thirds of the votes cast.

Proposal 7: From Jeremy Hamm – ACCEPTED nem con (Concerning the concluding stages of the Richardson Cup, Add to the present Rule 24 (a) the following sentence: “If further rounds or any final-round replays are necessary, these must be played on dates determined by the secretary, and not later than May.”

Proposal 8: From Jeremy Hamm rejected 5-11 Extend the final sentence of the present Rule 24 (c) the following clause: “ who fielded a full team in that 1st round.” Steve Mann: "In wording the above I noted we didn't formally elect anyone to run the Richardson or the Summer League, so I would like also to propose a third (or 3rd) change to the S&DCA Constitution & Rules, as follows: From Steve Mann, 29th June 2016.

Proposal 9: ACCEPTED 14 – 1 Amend item 4 of the Constitution by replacing the following existing text: “a University Chess Supervisor and one Assistant Secretary for each division in the League.” with “a University Chess Supervisor, one Assistant Secretary for each division in the League, an Assistant Secretary for the Richardson Cup and associated Plate competition, and an Assistant Secretary for the Summer League.”

Proposal 10: From Geoff Brown – ACCEPTED nem con Under Rule 27 Conduct of Tournaments, I propose the addition of the following section relating to tie-breaks. 27 (g) Should a tie-break be required to determine an outright winner in any of the sections then tie-break systems will be applied in the following order:- (i) Direct Encounter (where the tie-break is required to separate only two players on the same score) (ii) Buchholz Cut 1 (iii) Buchholz (iv) Sonneborn-Berger This is the order in which FIDE recommend the application of tie break systems for Individual Swiss Tournaments (although they also include "The greater number of wins" and "The greater number of games played with black"). Descriptions of these systems are available in the FIDE Handbook - C. General Rules and Recommendations for Tournaments: 05 FIDE Competition Rules. Annex 3: Tie-Break Regulations 

Proposal 11: From Steve Mann. ACCEPTED nem con. that item 5 (b) (i) be extended to read: "Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting, a hard copy of which, signed by the chair of the meeting if approved by the meeting, shall be filed in a Minute Book for future reference."

12. Approval of Clubs seeking membership to the league – none.

13. Organisation of teams into Divisions Thanks to all who participated in the discussion and especially to those who accommodated to the general interest. The results were as follows: Div 1: SASCA RJ A, Nomads A, Ecclesall A, Chesterfield A, Stannington A, Barnsley A, Woodseats A, Darnall & H A Div 2: Nomads B, Chesterfield B, Worksop A, Rotherham A, SASCA RJ B, Stannington B, Barnley B, Ecclesall B Div 3: Aughton A, SASCA RJ C, Worksop B, University, Nomads C, Stannington C, Clay Cross, Ecclesall C Div 4: Aughton B, Rotherham B, Chesterfield C, Woodseats B, Sheffield Deaf, SASCA RJ D, Ecclesall D, Barnsley C Div 5: Worksop C, Nomads D, SASCA E, Ravenfield Bishops, Darnall and Handsworth B. 400 League: Ecclesall, Woodseats, Barnsley, Nomads, Stannington, Ravenfield Bishops. Note: division 5 teams will play each other three times. Two requests were agreed : 1) The Aughton teams will play all matches away until Christmas while their venue is repaired. 2) SASCA E will play all matches at home.

14. Any Other Business Bill asked the executive to look at ways of splitting the workload so as to make the AGM less of an arduous occasion.

Division 3 (Batley-Meek) Secretary's Report for 2015-16 (Tony Perry)

It goes without saying that members can follow results of all teams from all divisions either through the Association’s website or the YCA (Chessnuts) grading lists.

Sadly, (due to the demise of Wombwell Chess Club) the division was reduced to 8 teams. Unfortunately, Aughton ‘B’ could only manage one win throughout the whole of the season. This against fellow strugglers, Ecclesall ‘C’, who finished on 6 points. Nevertheless, Aughton ought to be commended due to the fact that despite some heavy defeats they managed to consistently field a team other than the very final match against University ‘B’.

Only 2 points separated the next 4 teams in mid-table. Runaway joint leaders were Stannington ‘B’ and Ecclesall ‘B’ who finished neck and neck with 23 points each, some 8 points more than the chasing pack. Stannington ‘B’ will be engraved on the Batley Meek Trophy as overall division winners although a play-off match between the 2 teams has not occurred!

It is with some regret that this decision has been arrived at! Both matches against each other ended 3 – 3, the final match being rescheduled for May 4th. It appears that both club captains agreed a draw knowing that they both would finish on 23 points and agreed to share the trophy. Sadly, the current rules do not allow this and arrangements must be made for a play-off match. Both captains were unaware of the rules and could not agree on a suitable date throughout the summer months. As League Secretary I had to ‘dictate’ a date which, sadly, Ecclesall could not manage……….thus the trophy has been awarded to Stannington without a single piece being played!


Division 5 (Charles Trophy) Secretary's Report for 2015-16 (Tony Perry)

Due to this league having only 7 teams (thus 12 matches) several of them opted to play 3 times whilst others ‘doubled up’ on occasion. The runaway winners was Woodseats ‘B’ with 29 points, 8 points more than second placed Sheffield Deaf.

Unfortunately, Ravenfield Bishops could only manage just 4 successes throughout the season, including a ‘double pointer’ against SASCA ‘E’ and finished on 8 points. Nevertheless, Division 5 provides opportunities for the learners of the Association to enjoy competitive chess against others of equal standing.

The League Secretary is pleased to report that there have been no disputes and other than initial teething problems regarding fixture congestion the season went well!

Perhaps a note to the Fixture Secretary………………is it possible to arrange fixtures for those clubs fielding more than one team in a division to play each other prior to 31st December, thus complying with Rule 16(d).

Tony Perry, League Secretary Divisions 3 & 5.


Divisions 1 & 4, The Richardson "Cup and Plate", and all Summer League & Correspondence Team Reports for AGM, 2015-16 (Phill Beckett)

Division 1
The tussle at the top proved close and despite a couple of wobbles SASCA/RJ emerged worthy champions by a single point from Nomads A who took three points of SACSA/RJ in their individual encounters. The tussle at the bottom was less close and Nomads B were clear.

Dvison 4

Nomads C emerged as worthy winners with a four-point cushion. The battle at the bottom was close and at one stage it looked as if there could be a five-way tie at the bottom. However, results were kind and it was only necessary to have a single play off!

Richardson Cup

The favourites made their way smoothly to the later rounds and the eventual finalists were Nomads and SACSA/RJ who fought out a drawn match in the final. A replay was called for, but as the two teams concerned had already postponed a league match it proved impossible to arrange one. It is also worth noting that all the rounds have specified dates and the secretary has the power to impose dates, however for a replay in the final has no such requirements. Is it time for either using he normal tie splits in a final or sharing the trophy or empowering the secretary (I think Jeremy has proposed an amendment to the rules. At the current date there has not been a replay.
Richardson Plate
See how the mighty have fallen the first round saw Chesterfield and Woodseats [paired in the first round) with Woodseats emerging on board count. The eventual final was won by Woodseats who beat Rotherham in an entertaining match.

Summer League Division 1
Again SASCA/RJ emerged a worthy winners with a clean sweep in all their matches.  Ecclesall found it tough going in div 1 and emerged with a single point. The other teams were well matched and regularly took points of each other.
Summer League Division 2
The events at Aughton meant we were a team short and a highly competitive 4 team event saw SASCA/RJ emerge as winners 

Summer League Division 3
It could not have been closer! Everything hinged on the final match where Worksop B outgraded overall beat Woodseats to win. All teams were capable of beating each other and did.

In summary the summer league proved popular and often matches were played over more than the set 4 boards. There were lots of competitive matches

Correspondence Team
The Team playing under the banner of White Rose were involved in a large number of events including several high quality and competitive ones, winning a division of the BCCL, a division of the Scottish league and performing well in the Welsh league. Webserver chess enables players to play opposition all over the world.
Correspondence Individual
David Cook clichéd a narrow victory ahead of Dave Grobler in the Sheffield championship and the same two players repeated the result in the KItchin Memorial event (Yorkshire Championship)

Fixture Meeting 2016: Minutes

Sheffield & District Chess Association: Fixture Meeting Tuesday, 20th September 2016 at The Red Lion, 653 London Road, Sheffield S2 4HT, and resulting fixtures.

Chair: Andrew Hards; Minutes: Dave Latham.

1. Apologies for absence: Geoff Frost.
2. Minutes of the 2015 Fixture Meeting were agreed.
3. Matters arising.
4. Registration of players for the 2016/17 season under rules 17(a,b): see below app.1

5. Draw for the First and Second Rounds of the Richardson Cup was made:

Round 1, week commencing Monday Oct 10th:
Ecclesall 3 v Chesterfield 1;
Clay Cross v SASCA/RJ 2;
Rotherham 2 v Rotherham 1;
SASCA RJ 1 v Ecclesall 2

Round 2, week commencing Monday Nov 14th:
Worksop v Ecclesall 3 / Chesterfield 1
Clay Cross / SASCA RJ 2 v Barnsley
SASCA RJ 2/ Ecclesall 2 v University
Aughton v Stannington
Darnall & Handsworth v Ecclesall 1
Rotherham 1 or 2 v Nomads 2
Woodseats v Nomads 1
Ravenfield v Chesterfield 2

6. Application for Double Point matches under Rule 14(d) : none
7. Distribution of Fixtures for the 2016/17 season: see below.
8. Announcements by Officials and Secretaries.
Phill Beckett asked people to email / talk to him if they want to enter the Sam Haystead Memorial (aka Plate) competition; he didn’t plan to chase them. Open to teams who lose their first competitive match in the Richardson.
Tony Perry asked people who change their fixtures in div 3 & 5 to email him the details – both teams
Dave Latham asked people to take their trophies, there and newly engraved, and to sign to let us know you took them.
John Mercy set up shop as treasurer and is ready and able to accept league fees.
Steve Bracey will do the fixtures for the 400 league and asks people to contact him to discuss dates they wish to avoid, etc.
Chris Willey, pp Geoff Brown, drew attention to the Individual Championship: flyer available, closing date October 15th.
Andrew Hards will captain Sheffield B and – immediate problem! Players needed urgently for this coming Saturday, to take on York A at their place.
9. Any Other Business.
Changes to fixtures were negotiated and what we have so far is listed below.
STEVE MANN has undertaken the task of updating the Constitution & Rules, going back to 2004, and the results of his work will be on the website very soon. Thanks to Steve for this.
Bill Ward pointed out that the meeting had been brief, compared to the AGM, and this pointed to the need to look at the format of the AGM – could it be shortened or some work moved to the fixture meet, without impairment to the whole? The Executive should look into it.

Executive Meeting 12th Dec 2016: Minutes

Sheffield & District Chess Association: Executive Meeting 12th Dec 2016 at The Red Lion, 653 London Road, Sheffield S2 4HT,.

Chair: Dave Latham; Minutes: Dave Latham.
Present: Phill Beckett, Bill Ward, Alan Taylor, Brian Lever, Steve Bracey, Dave Latham (mins); latterly Ian Hemingway.
Apol: Andrew Hards, Tony Perry, Geoff Brown, Pete Swanson, Steve Mann. Meeting 

1. Child Protection. Phill Beckett is the Safeguarding Officer for the ECF and handed out six copies of the ECF Child Protection Policy Statement. The ECF is willing to have any organisation use this policy and we decided to adopt it, with Phill as our Child Protection Officer for now.
Various issues which might have come under such a policy were discussed. Also issues arising from DBS checks and the question as to who requires them. Many of our members do have DBS checks in respect of their day jobs; a DBS check can help / may be essential when setting up events. The policy makes clear that we do not provide assurance that any of our members have been vetted, e.g. for home tuition in chess.
Arising: we would wish the organiser of the Individual Championship to make it clear that games between an adult and a minor should take place at the minor’s home.

The Child Protection Policy can be found via this page

2. Constitution & Rules. Our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Steve Mann for the work he has done assembling the Constitution and Rules, with the 2003 rewrite and all subsequent amendments. Hopefully he has set us straight for years to come, many thanks. His work is formally adopted.
The rules of the 400 league aren’t yet on there: currently is is being managed by Steve Bracey on the basis of email correspondence with Pete Willoughby. Thanks to Pete, whose original proposal for the 400 League has proved such an excellent idea, bringing new people in and providing balanced matches. Steve (Bracey) will contact Pete and we hope he will be involved in formalising the rules.

3. Relegation & Promotion. Has been discussed at length and without a firm decision as to our future direction. The sense of the meeting was that forcing people to accept promotion wouldn’t work. If any of the participants in the recent discussion – or indeed, anyone else – wished to propose any changes that sounded a better way forward than the executive taking a view. The current arrangements had resulted in a fairly informal, ad hoc version of organising teams into divisions, which was perhaps undesirable constitutionally, but hadn’t worked out too badly given the situation we had faced.

4 Balancing AGM & Fixture Meetings. Had the AGM gone on too long? General opinion was that it had. Suggestions:
1) Not much can be transferred to the fixture meeting, but maybe we can collect the trophies at the AGM informally, and do the formal presentations at the second meeting.
2) Experienced holders of meetings suggest
a) time limits on the agenda – focusses people’s minds if they’re told that this item is timed  at 6 minutes, this at 5 and so on. Cuts down on people who stand up only to say that they agree with one side or the other.
b) encouraging clubs to hold their own meetings before the AGM, so that much of the discussion has taken place and people know roughly which way they’re likely to vote, especially if clubs are mandating their representatives.
c) encourage debate on the website.
3) Insist on reports being made on the website, as opposed to at the meeting.
4) we will hold another exec meeting shortly before the AGM and consider – with the proposers - at revising any proposals which aren’t in a form the AGM can handle.
5) we will explore whether the Exec can take a view so as to indicate to the meeting proposals we wish to be adopted, which, while not overruling debate, has been found to focus it in other organisations.

5. Code of Conduct. Several incidents – three were raised – had suggested that a way forward might be a code informing people about the spirit in which we wish chess to be played, i.e. what good sportsmanship in chess looks like, as opposed to what the rules require. The question was raised as to how a code of conduct influences the behaviour of those who don’t intend to behave in a sportsmanlike way? It was still felt that a code
a) informs people who wish to be sportsmanlike but don’t know the form (e.g. the chap who doesn’t know that you don’t adjust pieces in your opponent’s time);
b) helps set a quiet, fairly serious tone that eventually permeates through and becomes the norm;
c) makes it clear that that is the tone we’ve chosen, as opposed, say,  to the bantering coffee house style which would be equally valid if the majority chose it;
d) helps isolate behaviours which are considered outside the code.
So Dave will revise a proposed code in the light of suggestions made at the meeting, and will send to Brian for the website.

The proposed Code of Conduct can be found HERE

6. Richardson Cup draw: will be done after the quarter finals by “three card trick” method described by Phill and Dave. We hope to have Cup and Plate finals together.


Next meeting – see above – before 2017 AGM.

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