23rd January: Richardson Cup & Sam Haystead Trophy

The knockout (Cup and "Plate") competitions have reached the Semi-final stages:

Richardson Cup                                                            Sam Haystead Trophy
Mon  13th Feb: SASCA 1    v   Clay Cross                 Mon 13th Feb:  Darnall & Handsworth  v Worksop
Tues 14th Feb: Nomads 1  v   Chesterfield 1            Tues 14th Feb:  Nomads 2  v Stannington & Hillsborough 

                                                  All Richardson results and fixtures:     CUP     PLATE

9th November: Withdrawal of SASCA/RJ C from Division 3

Batley-Meek secretary Tony Perry writes: "It is with much sadness that I have to report that I have received communication from Alan Coupe that the Rotherham Juniors 'half' of SASCA/RJ are withdrawing from League Division III with immediate effect due to family illness/commitments.
"I intend cancelling the results of their three matches played to date in accordance with Rule 22(c).
"The sterling work Alan has done over many years in developing and encouraging junior chess for both our and the Yorkshire associations has been very much appreciated and worthy of great praise and recognition. In this age when competitive chess is on the decline due to the lack of youth coming through, the Association owes a great debt to the work undertaken by Alan and the other senior members of SASCA which, I feel, is often taken for granted.
Well done to them all and sincere commiserations to Rotherham Juniors."

Rule 22(c): If a team fails to fulfil at least half its league fixtures, the results of all its matches shall be cancelled.
Division 3 teams whose fixtures are affected by this news are: Aughton A; Clay Cross; Ecclesall C; Nomads C; Stannington  & Hillsborough C; University; Worksop B

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