Sheffield League: Players Registered at the Fixture Meeting 2017 under Rule 17(a)...
and identified from time to time with the aid of the Player Registration Monitor

Click the link above. Then click on "Threshold=4". You will get a list of all Sheffield League players who have played 4 or more games in the top half of the team shown in their record. The lists below show, in the players registered (Rule 17(a)) by their clubs at the start of the season. Players discovered by the monitor link,"Threshold=4" are automatically registered under Rule 17(d) Those so identified are show as "Additional" in red below, together with the date they played their 4th and qualifying game - but please check yourself  before making any claims because your webmaster's logic is admittedly fallible!
Note: Obviously, the list doesn't include players becoming registered under Rule 17(d), more recently than the last update. You need to use the monitor yourself for an exhaustive check. Also, Captains are encouraged to study Comments on Player Registration by Division Secretaries at the bottom of this page.

                                            Updated on 27/03/2017 (New registrations in Red Bold)
Division 1
Barnsley A Martin Sheard, K Hunter, Andy Butterworth, R Desmedt,
Additional: Peter Micklethwaite (27th Feb) (was registered for Barnsley B)
Chesterfield A Dave Latham, Martin Howard, Mike Alcock, Mike Johnson, Peter Ackley
Darnall & Hands A
Rob Woodford, Szilard Tamas, Aram Ter-Gevorkian, Geoff Brown
Additional: Adam Raoof, Chris Ross (5th March)

Ecclesall A
Dave Adams, Jim Burnett, Pete Hempson, Farshad Ai
Additional: Ewan Cormack
Hillsborough A Sue Maroroa, Paul Fletcher, C Walker, John Fletcher
Additional: Khaled Muflehi, Kier Morton (27th Feb)
Nomads A
Jon Nelson, Chris Shepherd, Andrew Hards, Geoff Frost
Oskar Hackner, Peter Shaw, Jonathan Arnott, Deji Jeje
Additional: Tom Wills (5th March)
Woodseats A Andrew Ledger, Daniel Sullivan, Stuart Jones, Mark Allison
Additional: Shane Frith, David Toft (5th March)

Division 2
Chesterfield B Steve Burke, Steve Housley, Ian Edmondson
Additional: Steve Bracey
Ecclesall B
Ken McIntosh, Alan McIntosh, Norman  Wragg
Hillsborough B
Gerald Fletcher, Bryan Wood, John Mercy
Nomads B 
Ian Barwick, Wilson Banda, Mike Newett
Additional: Nicholas Mahoney (26th Feb),
Stuart Crossthwaite (5th Feb) (was registered for Nomads C)
Rotherham A  Peter Ballard, Steve Mann, Chris Williams
Steve Gibbs, Alan Coupe, John Fryer
Worksop A Jim Davis, Oliver Graham, Phil Griffiths

Division 3
Aughton A
Barry Williams, Dave Watson, Kevin Marshall
Barnsley B
Peter Micklethwaite (now registered for Barnsley A), Neil Todd, Tony Pogson
Additional: Richard Hall

Hillsborough C
Adrian Millward, John Neely, Stephen Lee
Additional: Alan Sutton, Kevin Keenan (from 27th Feb)
Nomads C Ken Dewhurst, Arjun Babu, Stuart Crosthwaite (now registered for Nomads B)
Additional: Steve Withington, Peter John Morton

Woodseats B  Peter Hulse, Brendan Ashmore, Steve Moon
Worksop B Ionel Dragan, David Fidler, Andrew Allen

Division 4
Darnall & Handsworth B Danny Dawson, Craig Chatterton, Marek Gajdosz
Ravenfield A To be announced
Additional: Brian England, George Boothman, Andrew Shaw,
David Tate (from 19th Feb)

Summary of some Comments on Player Registration - by Three Division Secretaries 
  • The responsibility for checking the eligibility of players lies primarily with the club. In making registration automatic after 4 games in the top half of a team, Rule 17(d) makes this clear. If a lower team includes a player who has become registered under Rule 17(d) -or 17(a) of course - for a higher team, his/her result - and all results on the boards below (Rule 18(d)) - should be nullified when the infringement is noticed - no matter how long ago the infringement took place, or how many such infringements have been overlooked in the meantime.
  • While Division Secretaries may check for additional registrations from time to time, any failure by them to perform this onerous task accurately does not protect the team from the penalty of the loss of games.
  • There seem to be a number of ways in which clubs can, wittingly or unwittingly, "abuse" the system, and which the rules may not always adequately cover. Again, clubs are in the best position to police themselves, and are morally obliged to work within the spirit of the system rather than wait to be "caught" by the Secretaries. e.g.:
    • If a club registered a player at the start of the season under Rule 17(a) and that player is, or becomes, a "ghost" by non-participation, the club should voluntarily register a "replacement".
    • A club may find it desirable to register for a higher team a player previously registered for a lower team. Clearly the spirit of the system calls for an additional player to be immediately registered to the lower team.
Rule 17(c) attempts to deal with such issues, but again clubs should not leave the onus for this with the Secretaries.

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