AGM and Fixture Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Sheffield & District Chess Association, held on Monday 3rd September 2018 at The Red Lion, 653 London Road, Sheffield S2 4HT, 7.30pm Geoff Frost (President, chair); Dave Latham (minutes).

1. Apologies for absence: received from Steve Mann, David Hill, Andrew Hards for first part of meeting, Andy Mort, John Mercy.

2. Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting were read and approved.

3. Matters arising: the ending of Chessnuts and the question of whether to join the ECF’s LMS system. A meeting had been convened but was poorly attended; following an Executive meeting a Special General Meeting had resolved the matter (in the affirmative) and we will use the LMS system for the coming season.

4. Treasurer's Report: recommended no increase in fees and subscriptions. A small loss – leaving substantial reserves – was due to buying new clocks.

5. Secretaries' Reports: most received, one awaited, to be on website.

6. Election of Officers, Auditors, Archivist & Match Captains. 
President: Geoff Frost, who planned to make this his last season as President. Nem con, prop Dave Latham, sec. Bill Ward.
General Secretary: Geoff Brown, prop. Geoff Frost, sec Dave Latham.
Treasurer: John Mercy.
Auditors: Steve Mann, Dave Latham.
Webmaster: Brian Lever.
Tournament Controller: Geoff Brown.
University supervisor: Mark Kirkham, no longer being associated with the University, stepped down and indicated that he did not see the post as having any meaning. Left vacant.
Divisional Secretaries: Div 1: Phill Beckett. Div 2: Steve Bracey. Div 3: Tony Perry. Div 4: Phill Beckett. Div 5: Tony Perry (in the evnt, no div 5). Summer league: Alan McIntosh. 400 League: Steve Bracey. Team Captains: Jeremy Hamm, John Fletcher, Barry Williams (ABC).

7. Election of Chairman of the Executive: Andrew Hards

8. Election of members to serve on the Executive: Alan Taylor, Alan Coupe, Steve Mann, Bill Ward.

9. Fixing of fees and subscriptions. League fees stay as they are. We have the reserves enabling us to assess the impact of the ECF/ LMS decision, for at least this season.

Saturday fees will increase: from £3 to £4, plan to increase to £5 next season. For unwaged players, the increase is from £1 50 to £2, then £ 2.50 next season. Jeremy was authorised to pay £200 to secure the venue for the season.

10. Proposed amendments to the Constitution & Rules.

Note: since some people wished to vote in favour of parts of the following proposals, and against other parts of the same proposal, it was decided to split the proposals for voting purposes.

1. Tony Perry.

1. Rule 14(d) to be amended to read...........In Divisions one, two and three of the League a team shall consist of six players. Vote: 11-10 in favour, but this was not the required 2/3. Not accepted.

2. Rule 14(e) to be amended to read...........In Divisions four and below of the League a team shall consist of a minimum of four players, but this may be increased, by mutual agreement, to either five players or a maximum of six players. Not accepted: vote 12-9.

3. Thus, the existing Rule 14(f) would become extinct

2. Mike Smith

Rule 14 (d), (e) and (f) currently reads:

(d) In Division One of the League a team shall consist of eight players

(e) In Divisions two, three and four of the League a team shall consist of six players. [Revised 2012]

(f) In Divisions five and below of the League a team shall consist of a minimum of four players, but this may be increased, by mutual agreement, to either five players or a maximum of six players. [New wording introduced in 2013.]


no change to 14 (d)

14 (e) In the lowest division of the League a team shall consist of a minimum of four players, but this may be increased, by mutual agreement, to either five players or a maximum of six players.

14 (f) All other Divisions of the League a team shall consist of six players.

Accepted: nem con.

3. Andy Mort

24 k) Remove: “A drawn match in the final shall be replayed”. Substitute: “In the event of a tie in the final, the winner shall be decided on board count, and, if necessary, by elimination. If all games are drawn, the final shall be replayed at a neutral venue on a date determined by The League Secretary. Accepted nem con.

24 m) Replace existing rule with: “Only players who have played at least 5 games for the club in League and Cup competitions in the current winter season shall be eligible to play in the final.” Vote 13-8 in favour, but this was not the required 2/3 majority.

11. Approval of Clubs seeking membership to the league: No new clubs seeking membership this year,

12. Organisation of teams into Divisions

Div 1: Ecclesall A, Chesterfield A, SASCA A, Nomads A, Darnall & Handsworth A, Hillsborough A, Woodseats A, University.

Div 2: Barnsley A, Worksop A, Hillsborough B, Chesterfield B, Darnall & Handsworth B, SASCA B, Rotherham B, Ecclesall B.

Div 3: Hillsborough C, Nomads B, Ecclesall C, Aughton A, Worksop B, Rotherham B, Barnley B, Woodseats B

Div 4: Barnsley C, Chesterfield C, Ravenfield A, Aughton B, Sheffield Deaf, Ecclesall D, Darnall & Handsworth C, Hillsborough D, Woodseats C, Nomads C, Worksop C, SASCA C.

400 League: Hillsborough, Nomads, Ecclesall, Barnsley, Ravenfield, Darnall & Handsworth.

13. Any Other Business: Bill Ward raised the issue of our ageing and declining membership, and what steps should be taken to reverse this. Phill said that he had records of over 700 school matches, so there is a thriving scene out there, with which we’re not connecting as much as we might, despite the honourable efforts of individuals and clubs, notably SASCA. . The Executive will look into the general question. 

Fixture Meeting

Minutes of the Sheffield & District Chess Association: Fixture Meeting Monday 17th September 2018 at The Red Lion, 653 London Road, Sheffield S2 4HT

1. Apologies for absence: Andrew Hards, Geoff Frost, Mike Smith, Tony Perry, Worksop & University.

2. Minutes of the fixture meeting from Tuesday, 19th September 2017. These had been circulated and were taken as an accurate record.

3. Matters arising. None

4. Presentation of trophies for 2017/18 season.
Davy Challenge Trophy Ecclesall A
Weston Trophy University
Batley-Meek Memorial Trophy Hillsborough C
Athenaeum Challenge Cup Barnsley C
P H Charles Trophy Darnall & Handsworth C
Richardson Cup Chesterfield
Sam Haystead Memorial Hillsborough
Roebuck Trophy Nomads** (see below)
Edwin Woodhouse Challenge Cup Chesterfield D K Hodgett Memorial Trophy Rotherham B
Sheffield Deaf Trophy Worksop B
Bruce Trophy John Fletcher
H H Holroyd Trophy Anthony Stannard
Shapero Challenge Cup Marek Gajdosz
Crabb Shield Mark Allison

           ** The Roebuck Cup for the winners of the 400 League had been engraved showing Hillsborough as the winners. General Secretary Geoff Brown was tasked to find out what had happened and to try to sort it out.
           The Weston Trophy, The Sheffield Deaf Trophy and the Holroyd Trophy were not presented on the night and remained in the possession of the General Secretary.

5. Registration of players for the 2018/19 season under rules 17(a,b)

Chesterfield A Peter Ackley, Martin Howard, Mike Johnson & Dave Latham
Darnall and Handsworth A Aram Ter-Gevorkian, Rob Woodford. Adam Raoof & Marek Gajdosz
Ecclesall A Jonathan Tait, Dave Adams, Jim Burnett & Farshad Ai
Hillsborough A Sue Maroroa, Deji Jeje, Paul Fletcher & Khaled Muflehi
SASCA A Oskar Hackner, Peter Shaw, Jonathan Arnott & Xi Yang Guo
Nomads A Jon Nelson, Chris Shephard, Stuart Crosthwaite & Ian Barwick

Woodseats A Andrew Ledger, Daniel Sullivan, Alan Potts & Mark Allison

Barnsley A Andy Butterworth, Ken Hunter & Richard Desmedt
Chesterfield B Steve Housley, Steve Burke & Andy Mort
Darnall & Handsworth B Szilard Tamas, Geoff Brown & Danny Dawson
Ecclesall B Ken McIntosh, Alan McIntosh & Norman Wragg
Hillsborough B Gerry Fletcher, John Mercy & Bryan Wood
Rotherham A Pete Ballard, Chris Williams & Steve Mann
SASCA B Miles Edwards-Wright, Tom Wills & Alan Coupe

Worksop A Phil Griffiths, Oliver Graham & Jim Davis

Aughton A Jim Barker, Kevin Marshall & David Watson
Barnsley B Peter Micklethwaite, Tony Pogson & Martin Sheard
Ecclesall C Daniel Mooney, Elliot Spencer & Safdar Alam
Hillsborough C Kevin Keenan, Alan Sutton & John Neely
Nomads B Nick Mahoney, Peter Morton & Rob Nield
Woodseats B Doug Crouch, Stuart Jones & Peter Hulse
Worksop B Ionel Dragan, Mick Clark & Andrew Allen

6. Draw for the First and Second Rounds of the Richardson Cup. First round matches to played in the week commencing Monday 8th October.
Ecclesall 1 v Aughton Woodseats 2 v Ravenfield
Rotherham v Nomads 1 Hillsborough v Barnsley
Ecclesall 3 v Chesterfield Worksop v Ecclesall 2
Woodseats 1 v University D&H 1 v D&H 2
Nomads 2 v SASCA
Sheffield Deaf had elected not to enter this year - Rule 24 (a)

Round 2: Will be a single match, to be played in the week commencing 12th November
winners of Worksop v Ecclesall 2 v winners of Rotherham v Nomads1

         Note that first round losers will be entered into the Plate, unless they contact Phill Beckett to decline. Ravenfield stated on the night that they would not compete in the Plate.

7. Distribution of Fixtures for the 2018/19 season: These had already been published on the ECF’s League Management web pages and club secretaries and team captains had all been notified. Any fixture changes that might be needed should be agreed between the clubs and notified to the relevant League Secretary. Clubs could submit squad lists to the General Secretary to help with identification on the new system.

8. Announcements by Officials and Secretaries.
a) Geoff Brown announced that entries for the Sheffield Individuals should be sent to him by Monday 15th October.

b) Treasurer John Mercy would be setting up shop to receive league fees as soon as the meeting finished. Please forward to him if you didn’t pay on the night.

9. Any Other Business.
Somebody raised a query about the grades to be used in the forthcoming season and how that affected board orders. Rule 19 (c) states that “...the captains shall nominate the players in order of strength...” but there is nothing that says that this has to be in strict grading order. In general, clubs know the strengths of their players and some leeway has always been allowed. With the switch over to ECF grades the League Secretaries should keep an eye on things throughout the season and refer any queries to the Executive. Certainly in the 400 League the definitive YCA July 2018 grades would be used for determining eligibility.

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