Division Secretaries and Officers of the Association

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Division 1 (Davy): Phillip Beckett
; Brough House, Church Laneham, Retford, Notts, DN22 ONQ; familybeckett2(at)aol.com;  O1777 228 36O; O7597379658

Division 2 (Weston): Steve Bracey; steve(at)udce.co.uk; O1246 238 832

Division 3 (Batley-Meek); Tony Perry; tonyperry(at)blueyonder.co.uk; O1226 239 712; O7775 454 772

Division 4 (Athenaeum): Phillip Beckett; as above

Division 5 (Charles Trophy); Tony Perry; as above

400 League; Steve Bracey; as above

Richardson & Haystead Cups: Phillip Beckett; as above

Summer League: Alan McIntosh; 82 Providence Road,Walkley, Sheffield, S6 5BE; O114 232O5O5; O7541 297365; asmcintosh56(at)gmail.com


Association President: Geoff Frost: geofffrost(at)hotmail.com; O17O9 545685;  O7984 1817O4

Past Presidents: Roger Hoole, Mike Smith

General Secretary: Geoff Brown: gd_brown(at)hotmail.co.uk; O17O9 837596; O7931 563787

Treasurer: John Mercy

Auditors: Steve Mann; Dave Latham

Vice-Presidents: J L Coe, B H England, S J Mann, K M Hogan, R S Hughes, A Perry, P G Swanson, P J Beckett, J A Fryer, G Barnes, S Bessell, W Ward, G D Brown, C C Williams, J Hamm, M Brumby, A Hards, A S McIntosh, P Blackman

Chair of Executive: Andrew Hards; ahards(at)hotmail.com; O7772 547 496

Executive Officers (Rule 8a): John Mercy, Phill Beckett, Steve Bracey, Alan McIntosh, Tony Perry, Brian Lever, Geoff Brown, Alan Coupe, Bill Ward, Alan Taylor, Steve Mann

Tournament Controller: Geoff Brown (see above)

Webmaster: Brian Lever; brianlever33(at)hotmail.com; O1246 866 676; O7810 7O5 513

Bulletin Secretary and Archivist: Steve Mann: sjmann(at)gmx.co.uk; 017O9 379 2O9

University Chess Supervisor: Vacant

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