The Sheffield Individual Tournament(s) 2018-19

Comprising the Bruce Trophy, Holroyd Trophy & Shapiro Trophy

2018 Bruce Trophy holder (winner): John Fletcher

2018 Holroyd Trophy holder (best player in 2nd section): Antony Stannard
2017 Shapero Trophy holder (best player in 3rd section): Marek Gajdosz

The Player on the Right will have the black pieces, AND has choice of venue, AND should contact his/her opponent within 7 days of the start of round, i.e. for Round 2, before Sunday 2nd December 2018. Other rule details are here (Rules 26 to 29).


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  Round 1 Close
    Round 2 Close
    Round 3 Close
Name Result Name   Name Result Name   Name Result  Name
G.Brown 0 - 1
A.Steele   A.Steele(1) 0-0 K.Muflehi(1)   C.Shephard
C.Shephard 1 - 0
A.Taylor   S.Frith(0) 0-0 H.Feather(0)   J.Woollard(1/2)
J.Woollard 0 - 1
J.Fletcher   A.Taylor(0) 1/2-1/2 J.Woollard(0)   H.Feather
H.Feather 0 - 1
K.Muflehi   G.Brown(0) 0-0 C.Shephard(1)   K.Muflehi
Bye   J.Fletcher(1)   Bye   A.Taylor(1/2)
  Round 4        Round 5       Round 6  
Name Result Name   Name Result Name   Name Result  Name





  Round 7        Round 8       Round 9  
Name Result Name   Name Result Name   Name Result  Name






Entry Fee: There is no entry fee !!!!

Please send your entry, including:

  • full name
  • grading reference(s)
  • postal address
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • date of birth (Juniors only)

To Geoff Brown: Shoreham Road, Moorgate, Rotherham S60 3EF;

Tel: O17O9 837596; O7931 563787


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