Minutes of the AGM of S&DCA, Tues 2nd Sept 2014                                                   

1. Apologies for absence. John Mercy (treasurer); Ian Hemingway (junior secretary); Cliff Briggs (informed too late owing to old email, apologies from gen sec).

     President Mike Smith had one announcement: offered congratulations to Jonathan Arnott on election to the European Parliament (and trusted this was also good news for chess).

2. Minutes of the 2013 Annual General Meeting were read; corrections – John Fryer is the Championship Controller; Shane Frith is the correct spelling; so corrected, approved.

3. Matters arising.
What had the executive done by way of finding solutions to suggest to the problem that no ninth team could be found for the first
Andy Hards and Dave Latham indicated that it had been considered but no solution suggested itself to a problem which arose from the
(otherwise) positive development that the strength of division one had increased in recent years. Moving from 8 boards to 6 had been rejected at AGM and wouldn’t obviously solve the problem; mandating a club to go to division one might well damage that club, as the likely candidates predicted themselves. Nor had 8 teams in division one proved disastrous – it had (Mike Smith) been previous practice anyway.

4. Treasurer's Report.
Thanks to John for his report, which showed reserves as strong as previously and operating profit £178, in the light of which he recommended no fee/subscription increase.

5. Secretaries' Reports were all on the website and were approved.

6. Presentation of Trophies.
Div 1 (Davy) to Nomads;                 Div 2 (Weston) to Worksop;    Div 3 trophy (Batley-Meek) missing, to SASCA RJ;
Div 4 (Athenaeum) to Stannington; Div 5 (PH Charles) missing on the night, since found, will go to University.
Richardson Cup to SASCA RJ;        Richardson Plate (Sam Haystead Memorial) to Phoenix.
Summer League to SASCA RJ.       Crabb Shield and Championship Trophy are with the winners.

7. Election of Officers, Auditors, Archivist & Match Captains.
The current list of Vice Presidents was approved and added to it, long after their many years of service ought to have suggested, were
Alan McIntosh and Paul Blackman.

President – Mike Smith.                                           General Secretary – Dave Latham.                    Treasurer – John Mercy.
Competition Controller – John Fryer.                       Website – Brian Lever and thanks to Peter Hulse for his work on the site for some years.
Bulletin Secretary and Archivist – Steve Mann.        University Chess Supervisor – Mark Kirkham.
Junior Chess Secretary – Ian Hemingway.
Controllers for League 1 & 4, and postal chess – Phill Beckett,
Steve Bracey now League 2 and
Tony Perry, League 3 & 5.                                       
Auditors – Geoff Frost and Steve Mann.

Match captains: Sheffield A Jeremy Hamm.           Sheffield B Alan McIntosh, positively for the last time said Alan, referring to 40 years as a player and over 20 as captain of this team.    Sheffield D and F Andy Hards and                     Sheffield E Shane Frith.

Shane Frith was re-elected in absentia to Controller of the Gurnhill and Crabb and we hope he is OK with this appointment…

8. Election of Chairman of the Executive :   Andy Hards

9. Election of members to serve on the Executive :  Mick Clark, Geoff Frost, Alan Coupe, Pete Swanson.

10. Fixing of fees and subscriptions: including discussion as to funding Yorkshire League teams.

The Treasurer’s recommendation of the status quo was accepted, including individual membership £5 and match fees £3
waged, £1.50 unwaged, £2 extra if not an ECF member.

11. Proposed amendments to the Constitution & Rules: there were none.

12. Approval of Clubs seeking membership to the league. There were none.

13. Organisation of teams into Divisions was completed, resulting in 8 teams in
the Davy and 9 (with the announcement of new team Barnsley D after the meeting)
in all other divisions.

14. Any Other Business
a) We deplored the apparent loss of some of the trophies and urged all to make efforts to track them down. The missing PH Charles trophy was soon located and the Batley-Meek is still being sought. Replacements will be purchased if necessary and will be (Steve Mann) named in honour of the same people to whose memory they were originally dedicated. We will tighten up on keeping track; the
idea of having people sign for trophies being floated.

b) Three clubs were not represented at the meeting. Gen sec Dave Latham indicated that the absence of Ravenfield was probably down to an omission / email error on his part; Barnsley and Phoenix cause unknown. Possible sanctions to start in case of failure to attend the AGM of 2015 were suggested – by way of fines and point deductions – seriously by some and not so seriously by others.

c) Over £100 was raised on the night for Jessop Wing baby unit at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. This was from the sale of chess books and DVDs, a bequest from a recently deceased fellow chess player. Steve Housley arranged their appearance on the night and it was noted that most were of the highest quality in terms both of their content and their physical condition.
The remainder – which was over 200 items – will be on sale at the Fixture Meeting and this will be circulated to our wider membership.


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