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Aughton Chess Club        Members' YCA grades

Meets at Swallownest Miners' Welfare, Rotherham Road, Swallownest, S26 4UR, Tel: O114 287 251O

Wednesday Evenings                 (Information updated 10/09/2016)

    email Telephone
Barry Williams  b1952williams(at)  O114 251 3298
A team Captain  Barry Williams
as above  as above
B team Captain  Kevin Randle
O1142 879006
 RC1 Captain
Barry Williams
as above
as above

Barnsley Chess Club            Members' YCA grades 

Meets at Locke Park Working Men’s Club, 189 Park Rd, Barnsley, S70 1QW; Tel: O1226 282 935

Tuesday Evenings                 (Information updated 10/08/2016)
Secretary and contact
for new members
Neil Todd
neiltodd1963(at)  O1226 2O5 961
O7916 165 25O
A team & RC I Captain
Pete Micklethwaite
O1226 785 872
O7963 21O 813

B team Captain
John Stevens
O1226 723 432
C team Captain Vlad Shaposhnikov
O1226 212 147
Reserve captain/Contact Alan Taylor
O781 84O 2898
400 League Captain Mike Charlton  barriesbargainsno1(at)
O1226 238 58O
O7771 4O5 494

Chesterfield Chess Club            Members' YCA grades

Meets at The White Swan, St. Mary's Gate, Chesterfield S41 7TJ
Monday Evenings

(Summer League Information in red updated 11/05/2017)

Secretary Dave Latham
O1246 569 494 
Summer Lg A Captain  Mike Johnson michael.d.johnson(at)  
A team & RC I Captain
Martin Howard 
O1246 569 275
Summer Lg B Captain
 Mike Fanshawe m.fanshawe(at)
O1246 2O1598
B team & RC II Captain
Brian Crofts
O1246 468 398
C team Captain
Steve Bracey
O1246 238 832

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