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Sheffield Deaf Chess Club            Members' YCA grades

Meets at Grange Crescent Day Centre, 105 Grange Crescent, Sheffield S11 8AZ, Friday Evening

(Updated 11/08/2017)

    email  Telephone 
Mike Freund
O772O 44O359
(text only)
A Captain
Mike Freund
as above

Sheffield Nomads Chess Club            Members' YCA grades

Meets at Trades and Labour Club, 200 Duke St, Sheffield S2 5QQ; O114 275 4671
(on the corner of Duke St and Talbot St: parking either side of premises or on streets nearby)

Tuesday Evening  
                                    (Updated on 21/07/2017) 

    email  Telephone 
Jeremy Hamm jeremyhamm(at)
O114 275 5934
A Captain
Andrew Hards
O7772 547 496
B Captain to be arranged
Keith Wicks
O7794 78011O
C Captain (joint)
Les Day &
Steve Withington
O7888 745 616
O7799 787 O8O

D Captain
Eric McKenna
O7377 781968
O114 26488O1

RC1 Captain to be arranged
Geoff Frost
O7984 1817O4
RC2 Captain to be arranged
Duncan Chambers
O7776 483424
400 League Captain Jo Woollard
O7746 885 237
Contact for New Members
Andrew Hards
As above As above

Hillsborough Chess Club (formerly Stannington CC)                                               Members' YCA grades

Meets at New Barrack Tavern, 601 Penistone Road, Sheffield S6 2GA; O114 234 9198

Monday Evening                                                        (Updated 13/07/2017)

    email Telephone
Secretary Pete Locking smithboris523{at} O1142 218 966
O7935 365 939
A & RC1 Captain
Alan Sutton alansut(at)
O114 268O419
B Captain
Pete Locking
O1142 218 966
O7935 365 939

C Captain
Kevin Keenan
O771O 667127
D Captain Chris Allen
O114 2344O91
O7810 O14021

400 Captain Ron Keenan smithboris523{at}
O7983 256894 
Sh 22O5918
Contact for New Members
Pete Locking
As above As above

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