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Here you can contribution to debates or start new ones - about the organisation, running and rules of the Association.

Please email me your contribution and I will do my best to present it clearly and chronologically following any existing material on the same subject. (My address: brianlever33(at)hotmail.com, or you can use the Guestbook page.)

For legal and other obvious reasons please take care not to refer to specific events and individuals, and please spend some time clarifying and organising your thoughts coherently before you send them. I do not see this facility as a chat room for off-the-cuff remarks – which seems to be the fashion these days! - and I do not wish to be seen as an editor of material, rather as a copier for presentation.

Brian Lever

P.S.(on 29/5/2015) I will add "new" comments on to the ends of each discussion, in variously coloured text, and may of course remove old material if I think it's "had its day". Thus readers may be relieved from reading the whole of a discussion repeatedly, in attempts to find anything new. 

2018 -2019 Discussions

1. Attracting new players  This problem for S&DCA of ageing and falling memberships in affiliated clubs has been discussed at meetings, and through this website since 2016. The Dec 2018 Executive re-opened the issue, including anecdotes about progress within individual clubs, and suggesting a new forum, so... http://sheffieldchess.btck.co.uk/DiscussionsProposals/AttractingnewplayerstoSDCA

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