A Code of Conduct for S&DCA?

Preamble: In Nov/Dec 2016 three incidents, during league matches, two of poor etiquette and one of suspected cheating, were brought to the attention of the Association Executive. At the meeting on Dec 12th 2016 the Executive agreed that a code of conduct, which describes how we hope members behave and treat each other during matches, could provide useful guidance on chess match etiquette. 

On that occasion none of the incidents were presented as ‘complaints’, but as issues that justify consideration.

The personalities of chess players are varied, just like those of all members of society. Some are bold enough to address problems that arise over the board very firmly. At the other extreme some are retiring and feel unsure how to react if faced with an "issue". Would it be useful to have, in addition to a Code of Conduct, a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page which includes guidance on how to respond to inappropriate and suspicious behaviour?

Two members of the Executive proposed slightly different Codes of Conduct and these can be found HERE. They are to be regarded for the time being as ideas rather than inflexible proposals, and suggestions to change the whole or parts are invited at this stage.

Your views and suggestions are sought and welcomed. (to brianlever33{at}hotmail.com)

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