How many UP and DOWN?

Mike Smith (19/11/2016): The last time we had 8 team divisions, in the early 1970's, promotion and relegation was one up and one down. Several years after the divisions were enlarged to 9 teams, the promotion and relegation was changed to two up and two down.
At the 2016 AGM I was concerned with the amount of change to the teams in the divisions, the difficulty of organising teams into divisions was magnificently chaired by Geoff Frost our new President, I was and am very grateful.
With 8 team divisions, two up and two down means that divisions lose half of their teams from one season to the next. I wonder whether this is in the best interests of the league or whether we should look for better stability and revert to one up and one down.
The argument against one up and one down was the possibility of two new strong teams entering at the same time. It never arose then, and the chance of it arising now unfortunately looks highly unlikely.
An unintended consequence, benefit, is a significant reduction in the number of play-off matches. A major benefit for all players and League Secretaries.

Geoff Frost (19/11/2016): After my tribulations last year with populating the divisions, I was giving consideration as to how to be more prepared. To this end I was going to wait until February to see how the divisions were working out, and with the divisional secretaries investigate likely intentions for 2017/2018. Neither scientific nor binding, it may give us an idea.
I certainly do not want to be at the AGM with no idea what the clubs have in mind for the new season. Some clubs have their individual AGMs the day or week before ours and I do feel that as a courtesy to others this should be done slightly earlier......and decisions notified promptly.
Mike's idea has merit and I will be prevailing on Steve for a quick run down on how many times in recent years promotion has been declined. The headline situation is between divisions 1 and 2. Between 2-3 and 3-4 some clubs make attempts to keep teams apart, and we should have no issue with that. The option to pass on promotion still exists, but I agree with Mike that we could look at refining the rules.
On a historical note, my one and only attempt at legislation was in the 1980s when I proposed a rule similar to the YCA where 2 teams were entitled to promotion, which was optional.
1 up 1 down, 2 up 2 down, 0 up 0 down. Seemed simple! ! On the same day, my good friend Geoff Brown proposed that promotion be mandatory!! Both were defeated.

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