Richardson Finals: Eligibility to play

Andy Mort writes (21st Feb 2018):

If there is support, I'm intending to propose a change to Rule 24 (m) by suggesting that the criterion for eligibility for the finals of the Cups should be a number of games played for the club during that season (3, 4, 5?).

The rule is obviously designed to deter the introduction of 'ringers', but the problem with the current rule is that there are only 3 rounds before the final, and both byes and defaults are possible. The former penalises a club, as no players can qualify, and the latter can advantage them if a player currently in Kuala Lumpur is registered as available. I had a discussion about this some years ago when Chesterfield experienced both situations in the same season but did not act.

If the current rule is designed to deter abuse, a lot of which we do not get, it is surely more unfair for a player who has played only one game for the club to be eligible for the final, than for a bone fide club member who is a club 'regular' to be unable to play, not having played in a previous Cup round (and, anyway, likely to be weaker).

Under the current rule, a club might have to default a board or boards in the final with bona fide members available - not what we desire as a an end of season spectacle, I suggest.

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