Mike Smith (26/02/2018): 

The Davy Trophy, Sheffield & District Chess Association first division has always been hard fought.  With many closely matched teams, landslide results have been few and far between.

Unusually this season SASCA A has already scored 7½-½ victories on two occasions, on both occasions all 8 boards were played, no wins by default.  Almost the wipe-out but not quite.

So how common is 8-0 all boards played?  It is rare but there are a couple of recent instances.

7 February 2011 Chesterfield A. 
23 November 2015 SASCA A
    [Interesting to observe that Steve Gibbs played in both matches]

What about repeating the feat against the same opponent in the same season?

In the return matches Chesterfield was held to 4½-3½, SASCA was held to 6½-1½.  So no double wipe-out.

Going back through living memory, with grateful thanks to Chris Williams who has sets of bulletins that reach far back in time.

In the 1972-73 season, 45 years ago, University B achieved that 8-0 all boards played on two occasions, both against the same team (so same team, same season).  University B still finished only second that season, just behind University A.  Unfortunately University B is not currently playing in the league, we look forward to their return and resurgence.  The team on the hard end of the see-saw is still playing in the league.  There is at least one member of each team still around Sheffield Chess.

So far as is known that feat is unique in in annals of Sheffield Chess:

8-0 all boards played on 2 occasions against same team in the same season

Challenge for captains of first division teams to replicate the feat.

Good luck!

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