incorporating the NCCU Individual Championships
held at
King Edward VII Upper School, Glossop Road, Sheffield
from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th June 2015
with David Welch as chief controller

There were 156 entrants, of whom one withdrew without play, due to illness. Participants were distributed across four sections as follows:

Open    40 participants
Major (under 171) 32 participants
Intermediate (under 146)
49 participants
Minor (under 121)
34 participants

By tying for first place with GM Mark Hebden on 4½ points out of 5, Jim Burnett of Bawtry, near Doncaster, became Northern Counties Chess Union individual champion, and holder of the Dr. Wahltuch Trophy, and also became NCCU Senior (over 60) individual champion, and second holder (after Paul Bielby) of the John Littlewood Trophy recently presented by Paul Littlewood in memory of his famous chess-playing Sheffield-born father John Eric Littlewood.

Jim conceded a draw to 18-year-old Oscar Hackner of Rotherham, while Mark Hebden conceded a draw to Jon Nelson of Sheffield.

Jim also secures nomination as the NCCU nominee for the 102nd British Chess Championships, to be held at University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL, from Saturday 25th July to Saturday 8th August 2015.

Unusually, there were no junior (under-18) participants in the Open section, so the NCCU junior individual championship went to the highest-placed junior in the Major section, namely Max N Turner of Berwick, who finished on 3 points out of 5 and becomes holder of the Edmund Spencer Memorial Cup.

Final scores and prizes were as follows:

Open Section - 40 participants:
Name                                   Club/Location                    Points         Place &c     Prize
Jim Burnett                           Ecclesall / Mansfield           4½            1st-2nd =    £150
Mark Hebden                       Birstall                                 4½            1st-2nd =    £150
Chris Ross                           Northampton Chessmates   4               3rd               £60
Oskar Hackner                     Sheffield & Rotherham Js   3½
Deji Jeje                               Sheffield Nomads                3½            GP1 =          £10
Shabir Okhai                        Syston                                 3½            GP1 =           £10

Full lists -     Open            Major            Intermediate      Minor

Sheffield Congress: Final Positions

Jim Burnett shared 1st place in the Open with GM Mark Hebden.
He holds the Dr. Wahltuch Trophy (NCCU Individual Champion),
the John Littlewood Trophy (NCCU Senior (over 60) Champion)
and the NCCU nomination for the 102nd British Chess Championships

Games from the Congress

Jonathan Nelson (on J.Nelson v M.Hebden): "There were lots of mistakes on both sides so not sure it’s the best.  Black’s initially better then over-presses and White goes a piece up but doesn't have much time left so lets Black back into the game.  White still has winning chances at the end but was a bit shot by the time scramble.

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